Tribute Record

You can’t go and do the same thing that people have been doing on tribute records for eons. Well, the first thing we DIDN’T do … we didn’t use the wrong people for this record. We used all the right people, all the people who can really play that stuff. And there are not very many of them left on this planet, believe me. – Kim


Changing As A Singer

“How have you changed as a singer over the years?”

I’ve changed as a singer in a lot of ways. I mean, basically I’ve just gotten better. Singing is a lifelong skill that you have to be a journeyman at for a long time. Some people have natural talent. I had a little bit of natural talent at it, but the people who I wanted to sing like were all the greatest singers ever. So, it’s still a work in progress.

But at least I can listen to stuff that I’ve recorded and I can like it now.


For Pops (A Tribute to Muddy Waters)

Mud Morganfield and Kim are releasing “For Pops (A Tribute to Muddy Waters)”.

“We began with an old-fashioned ‘house party’ in our studio,” recalled David Earl. “Attendees included friends and family from all over the mid-Atlantic region, who were treated to a wonderful performance by Mud and Kim, along with some barbeque and spirits.”