Changing As A Singer

“How have you changed as a singer over the years?”

I’ve changed as a singer in a lot of ways. I mean, basically I’ve just gotten better. Singing is a lifelong skill that you have to be a journeyman at for a long time. Some people have natural talent. I had a little bit of natural talent at it, but the people who I wanted to sing like were all the greatest singers ever. So, it’s still a work in progress.

But at least I can listen to stuff that I’ve recorded and I can like it now.


For Pops (A Tribute to Muddy Waters)

Mud Morganfield and Kim are releasing “For Pops (A Tribute to Muddy Waters)”.

“We began with an old-fashioned ‘house party’ in our studio,” recalled David Earl. “Attendees included friends and family from all over the mid-Atlantic region, who were treated to a wonderful performance by Mud and Kim, along with some barbeque and spirits.”



On The Verge

I think it’s a very diverse record. I think there’s a lot of bluesy stuff, but there is a lot of soul-y kind of R&B. It’s really more Americana. I’m not really a dyed-in-the-wool soul singer, but people seem to think I am on this one. I am just singing along with the tracks and doing it in my own way. — Kim