You know, you can have a lot of potential and you could be thrilling people at a young age. But as you get older, and if you’re really singing it up, you can really turn it on as you get older, because experience means so much.

I’m just saying that because I am older. – Kim


“How have you changed as a singer over the years?”

Kim: I’ve changed as a singer in a lot of ways. I mean, basically I’ve just gotten better. Singing is a lifelong skill that you have to be a journeyman at for a long time. Some people have natural talent. I had a little bit of natural talent at it, but the people who I wanted to sing like were all the greatest singers ever. So, it’s still a work in progress.

Your Own Identity

I love people like Al Green, Otis Redding. But I can’t sing like them. I sing like me.

To emulate a singer… well, for one thing, that’s really going to get you in trouble as far as having your own thing. It’s kind of impossible to emulate anyone totally and it’s no way to live.

I think that it’s very important to have your own identity early on in music. – Kim

The Lineup

I was in the studio with the current lineup doing a solo record and it was so easy that I just decided right then and there I was going to try to make a change. All they could do was say no right? So I put the question to Steve Gomes first and he said yes. Of course, I already had Johnny but I wasn’t sure if he would stay because his brother was in the other incarnation. Rob Stupka ended up having health problems before things even got going. I felt bad for him, but the show must go on! We had met Wes Watkins a little earlier with David Earl and he was nice enough to fill in. Thank God he eventually ended up staying and along with Kevin Anker that makes a beautiful band. – Kim