The Delivery

This stuff ain’t rocket science. It’s all about the delivery. It’s all about the simplicity, the phrasing. There’s a self-assuredness that comes with the stage and the music in general, along with a lot of energy. – Kim

Kim (27)

Having Your Own Voice

Sure I’m a blues guy, but I am a lot of other things too. I’m pretty far away from being a pop guy for having the success that I’ve had.

But I think that’s another thing too. Don’t submit to the formula. It makes you unique.

And that’s the most important thing — the delivery and having your own voice. – Kim

Stringer (27)

Humming Riffs

I used to walk down the street when I first started playing, and I was humming, kind of humming little riffs. And I thought, man, if I could play that it would be very cool. To play what I’m humming.

So instead of copying stuff off records, I would sing or hum into a boom box and then I would copy myself humming on the harmonica on the playback. – Kim

What You Are Strong At

You figure out what you’re strong at. You can push the envelope a little bit, but you have to come in there with confidence that you can do it.

And with blues that’s not a problem. But with R&B, I’m not really an R&B singer. I’m more of a blues singer. So when I hit stuff that’s more R&B, you really have to pick that material for me. And you have to pick stuff that you feel I’m strong at to even present it to me.

Blues stuff, well I can do that all day long. – Kim

Stringer (10)