Relaxed Confidence

Music is kind of controlled aggression.

You have to be aggressive but you can’t be so aggressive that you’re just flailing away. There has to be a relaxed confidence to it.

That’s music in a nutshell. – Kim

Kim (36)

The Feel

You have to get the feel. You have to have the sound. If you can’t get the sound, there’s no sense in even being up there. You can play all the licks that you want, but if you’re not getting the sound, what good are they? – Kim

Stringer (19)


Steve Gomes is the kind of guy, when we’re playing rock and roll, he goes, “Well I’m not quite getting it yet, but I will get it.”

That kind of humility goes a long way with me. I come from an era when humility was a big virtue. I come from an era when there was no spiking the football. You handed it to the ref, you ran back to the huddle. – Kim


Have The Music Surrounding You

I think it’s very, very important to do your homework. Have the music surrounding you all the time. Not just to steal licks, but to just have that vibe. It’s very, very important to have that blues vibe. – Kim

Kim (56)