The Lineup

I was in the studio with the current lineup doing a solo record and it was so easy that I just decided right then and there I was going to try to make a change. All they could do was say no right? So I put the question to Steve Gomes first and he said yes. Of course, I already had Johnny but I wasn’t sure if he would stay because his brother was in the other incarnation. Rob Stupka ended up having health problems before things even got going. I felt bad for him, but the show must go on! We had met Wes Watkins a little earlier with David Earl and he was nice enough to fill in. Thank God he eventually ended up staying and along with Kevin Anker that makes a beautiful band. – Kim

Muddy Waters Tribute

“You released a Muddy Waters tribute album with his son. Was there any trepidation in trying to tackle these classic tunes?”

Kim: Well, the hard part was just winging it and not knocking off the original parts. And that’s what we did, especially me. Mud, he’s kind of had to sing like his dad, but he still used his own phrasing. He doesn’t really sound that much like his dad.

But the traditional music, just like jazz is, it’s always improvised. Always. So if you’re doing anything else but improvising, there’s no sense in making a record like that. Cause everybody’s gonna go, “I want to hear the original. I don’t want to hear a guy try and knock off the original.” All of the original tracks were totally improvised anyway. And if they came up with a little rhythm hit that made the song … that happened to a lot of development. They might do 20, 30, 40, 50 takes of one song … back in the old days. I played with a lot of the old guys. They all told me the same thing. They just did it until they got it. And consequently you get a lot of great box sets with all of these great outtakes on it. It’s beautiful.

Even Chuck Berry Was Blues

Even Chuck Berry was blues. And he was using Muddy Waters’ band.

The beautiful thing about Chuck Berry was he was such a great lyricist, a great poet. He made so many great songs. And he was there at the right time. The kids went crazy.

Here’s a guy really playing his ass off on the guitar. Singing his ass off. Great lyrics. With a killer band behind him. Produced by Leonard Chess. Come on. – Kim