Kim On New Buddy Guy Album

“That Fabulous Thunderbirds sound comes to the fore on two tunes with the T-Birds’ Wilson, who demonstrates why he remains a harmonica ace. First up there’s Guy’s rendition of ‘Too Late,’ which is a tougher version than the one done by blues legend Little Walter. When Wilson rips it up with his harmonica, it’s like a knife slashing the air. Wilson also adds his bluesy harmonica to the searing ‘Kiss Me Quick,’ where Guy insinuates to someone else’s woman, ‘You’re so fine, we ain’t got much time.'”

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Tbirds Webmaster: It is common for Kim to call off audibles during shows, right?

Jason: Yes. He uses no set list. He feels the crowd and calls out what he thinks should be next. If you are not paying attention … I have a pretty bad habit of playing with my eyes closed and my head tilted, trying to listen to each member of the band. Some drummers power through and play what they think they should play. I think I should listen. So sometimes I get caught with my eyes closed.

I used to do gigs with James Cotton. And he would yell at me. I would be back there just playing away, eyes closed. He would be making cues with his hands and I focussed on listening. He would give me a little bit of grief about it. So I try to pay a little more attention now.

Tbirds Webmaster: Although, it is certainly not apathy on your part. It sounds like you just get lost in the music.

Jason: Sure. And maybe that’s a part of playing this kind of music. To learn it you really have to throw yourself into what it is and try to make it right.