Covering A Lot Of Bases

With the Thunderbirds, everybody in that band has to cover a lot of bases musically. They’ve got to be able to play rock and roll. They’ve got to be able to play R&B and soul. They’ve got to be able to play blues. And they have to be able to do it in their own voice. With the Thunderbirds there is so much different Americana going on and maybe a lot of blending of different music, as in Blues and R&B. – Kim

Stringer (17)

Go With What You Have At The Time

Singing is something where you go with what you have at the time. If you’re a little hoarse, you go with that. If you’re not hitting the high notes, you stay away from the high notes. You just do whatever you do to move people. – Kim

Don’t Burn Me

For the album “Strong Like That” it surprised me how well “Don’t Burn Me” was suited to me. That’s some pretty serious singing on the original by Paul Kelly.

But you can’t go into the studio in fear of being able to do it. You’ve got to go in with confidence at all times. But I was a little bit nervous about that one, and I tell you I went in and knocked it out. – Kim


No Set List

People are getting used to the spontaneity of the show. They’re never gonna get the same show, ever. There’s no set list. I call ’em up on the spot. – Kim