A Lot Of Things

“What do you look for in a band member?”

Kim: You have to be able to do a lot of things. If you’re going to be playing blues, you have to have your own take on it and you have to be able to do it really well.

Defining The Band

We’re very blues based. I think in the 80s we started employing some other types of music in there. There was always the old time rock and roll stuff a la Chuck Berry and Lonnie Brooks, who used to be Guitar Junior. Rockin’ Sidney was another one that we copped a lot of songs from.

Then we got into song like “Wrap It Up”, “How Do You Spell love” and things like that, which were a little more R&B.

I’m a little more of an R&B singer than I once was. But it’s really very blues based. As far as defining the band, you could probably say we’re a blues band that plays rock n roll. – Kim


Soul and rock ‘n’ roll and blues really go together. Even country. You can call it Americana, which is what this band has existed on all these years. – Kim

No Set List

I just call songs out. So I can do whatever I want and whatever the crowd wants. If they want more blues, I give them more blues. If they want more rock ‘n’ roll, I give them that. Nothing is written in stone. – Kim