A High Level

Both Kim and Johnny are intense personalities on stage. They bring it every night and they bring it at such a high level. You try to match that, but they really are on a higher level than most cats can get to. – Kevin

photo: Michael McGrath

Still Fresh

Making music still feels fresh to me. That’s why I’m still doing what I do at this age. – Kim

Fabulous Thunderbirds Featuring Kim Wilson Perform at SPACE in Evanston, IL.

Easier To Be Myself

When I first started playing harmonica, I used to walk down the street and hum little riffs. I thought it would be very cool to learn to play those riffs. So instead of copying stuff off records, I would sing or hum into a boom box and then I would copy myself on the harmonica. That made it a lot easier for me to be myself. My influences are always going to be obvious. I always wanted to have the musical command of Little Walter, but in my own way. That was one way that I got that going. – Kim

photo: Michael McGrath