Spare Parts

What I do with songs, with lyrics, and melodies… I keep them. It’s like having an old Studebaker. You always got a couple in the yard for parts.

Sometimes that happens, you use a part from an old song that wasn’t really happening for you, and all of a sudden that particular lyric or that concept works in another song.

And so you always have to keep that stuff documented and just have it in your back pocket. – Kim


When I write, it usually happens very quickly. If I’m working on a song too long, it doesn’t usually happen for me. – Kim

Stringer (39)

I Enjoy Playing

I enjoy playing. I’m not one of these mysterious people who sits on my behind for two years, waiting to tour for three months. No, I don’t do that – I’m a player. That’s what I do. – Kim

Wise Words

A friend of mine from Port Arthur, Texas once asked his grandfather, “How are you so calm, granddad?” I think he was 104 years old.

He said, “Listen son, don’t ever worry about something you can’t do nothin’ about.”

And that was a huge influence on me. That expression was a huge influence on me. – Kim


What I Strive For

What I strive for is matching up as best I can with all those great old records that were a huge influence on me. That’s my goal. That’s my goal in life is to do that. I wanted to stand up to that stuff that I love. – Kim

The Delivery

This stuff ain’t rocket science. It’s all about the delivery. It’s all about the simplicity, the phrasing. There’s a self-assuredness that comes with the stage and the music in general, along with a lot of energy. – Kim

Kim (27)