Don’t Burn Me

For the album “Strong Like That” it surprised me how well “Don’t Burn Me” was suited to me. That’s some pretty serious singing on the original by Paul Kelly.

But you can’t go into the studio in fear of being able to do it. You’ve got to go in with confidence at all times. But I was a little bit nervous about that one, and I tell you I went in and knocked it out. – Kim


Spare Parts

What I do with songs, with lyrics, and melodies… I keep them. It’s like having an old Studebaker. You always got a couple in the yard for parts.

Sometimes that happens, you use a part from an old song that wasn’t really happening for you, and all of a sudden that particular lyric or that concept works in another song.

And so you always have to keep that stuff documented and just have it in your back pocket. – Kim


When I write, it usually happens very quickly. If I’m working on a song too long, it doesn’t usually happen for me. – Kim

Stringer (39)

I Enjoy Playing

I enjoy playing. I’m not one of these mysterious people who sits on my behind for two years, waiting to tour for three months. No, I don’t do that – I’m a player. That’s what I do. – Kim

No Set List

People are getting used to the spontaneity of the show. They’re never gonna get the same show, ever. There’s no set list. I call ’em up on the spot. – Kim

Wise Words

A friend of mine from Port Arthur, Texas once asked his grandfather, “How are you so calm, granddad?” I think he was 104 years old.

He said, “Listen son, don’t ever worry about something you can’t do nothin’ about.”

And that was a huge influence on me. That expression was a huge influence on me. – Kim


What I Strive For

What I strive for is matching up as best I can with all those great old records that were a huge influence on me. That’s my goal. That’s my goal in life is to do that. I wanted to stand up to that stuff that I love. – Kim