People are getting used to the spontaneity of the show. They’re never gonna get the same show, ever. There’s no set list. I call them up on the spot. – Kim

A Big Influence

A friend of mine from Port Arthur, Texas once asked his grandfather, “How are you so calm, granddad?”

He said, “Listen son, don’t ever worry about something you can’t do nothin’ about.”

That expression was a huge influence on me. – Kim

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What I Strive For

What I strive for is matching up as best I can with all those great old records that were a huge influence on me. That’s my goal. I want to stand up to that stuff that I love. – Kim

Kim (19)

The Phrasing

This stuff ain’t rocket science. It’s all about the delivery. It’s all about the simplicity, the phrasing. There’s a self-assuredness that comes with the stage and the music in general, along with a lot of energy. – Kim

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Don’t Submit To The Formula

Sure I’m a blues guy, but I am a lot of other things too. I’m pretty far away from being a pop guy for having the success that I’ve had.

But I think that’s another thing too. Don’t submit to the formula. It makes you unique.

And that’s the most important thing — the delivery and having your own voice. – Kim

Creating Riffs

I used to walk down the street when I first started playing, and I was humming, kind of humming little riffs. And I thought, man, if I could play that it would be very cool. To play what I’m humming.

So instead of copying stuff off records, I would sing or hum into a boom box and then I would copy myself humming on the harmonica on the playback. – Kim

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